Star Wars

Empire Day Attack

Source: Captain Taelros

Today is Empire Day, a day designed to celebrate the Empire’s power and military might. The Imperial Army will be on full display with parades and fly overs in every major population center. Fortunately, this presents an opportunity for us to strike. We have identified two targets of opportunity within your sector. Achieving one of these objectives will help us with future endeavors. I have attached the relevant briefing information and will leave the decision up to you.

Raid Munitions Cache
Suspected Resistance – Medium
Intelligence Confidence – High
Mission – A munitions cache, normally under heavy guard, is significantly exposed. The Garrison stationed here is on standby for the Empire Day festivities. Guards have been reduced to the skeleton crew. This depot is suspected of containing a large amount of ordnance that we would like to re purpose.

Destroy Supply Convoy__
Suspected Resistance – Light
Intelligence Confidence – Medium
Mission – Empire Day has caused the grounding of all flights over Sullust airspace. Fortunately for us, not even the ISB is above these regulations. We believe that the ISB will be transporting critical operational plans via droid over ground transport. Given the traffic around the city center and space port there is only one path available to them. Ambush these transports. Either recover the data or ensure it does not stay in the Empire’s hands.

May the force be with you


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